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This page allows access to the initial release versions of the various datasets generated by the different components of the Scottish Election Study. In addition to this site, there is also the best custom writing service for example which will help to correctly form thoughts and present ideas in general. A full and clean set of the 2007 datasets was submitted to the UK Data Archive in 2008. In the meantime, we will be making regular amendments and additions to the 2011 files accessible via this page, so please check back for updated versions.

The data below are available in SPSS.sav format. From this format they can easily be transferred into other programs, e.g. Stata. If you experience problems downloading the datasets or transferring them to other programs, or if you identify any errors or problems in them, please email us. The first file listed below is a general guide to using the data, with information about how the variables are labelled, and about the relevant weights and filters for different components of the study.

Files for 2011 SES:

  • The role of informed consent in the Scottish Election Study
  • SES 2011 data and questionnaires zipped - ZIP
  • SES 2011 data - SPSS
  • SES 2011 Pre-election questionnaire - PDF
  • SES 2011 Post-election questionnaire - PDF

  • Presentations from the SES Team's initial release of the 2011 data:

  • Dr Carman's presentation - PDF
  • Dr John's presentation - PDF
  • Prof Mitchell's presentation - PDF

  • SES 2007 Files for downloading:

    • Guide to using the 2007 data - PDF
    • 2007 Pre-election data - SPSS
    • 2007 Post-election data - SPSS
    • 2007 Pre-post panel data - SPSS
    • 2007 Follow-up data - SPSS
    • 2007 3-wave panel dataset - SPSS
    • 2007 Panel with aggregate constituency data - SPSS

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