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A number of papers and articles based on SES data have been written by the team, and all of these will be posted on this page for downloading. In moments when our team couldn't find an answer, we turn to and helps us to find way quickly and selects relevant materials.

The 2007 SES team's book, Voting for a Scottish Government: The Scottish Parliament Election of 2007 (including the article Ensuring participant confidentiality and anonymity in the Scottish Election Study), offers a comprehensive analysis of the 2007 Scottish Parliament elections.

Voting behaviour
This first paper, working towards an explanation of the SNP's victory, was presented at the EPOP conference in Bristol, September 2007. A revised version has been accepted for publication in Political Studies. To download the conference paper click on the link below.

  • The Holyrood elections 2007: Explaining the results
The next paper is based partly on a presentation at the ESRC 'Democracy after the Nation State' seminar in Edinburgh, January 2008. It addresses the question of whether voters' attributions of responsibility to different levels of government have an effect on their voting decision. An updated version, including a comparison with data from Ontario, will be presented at the APSA confererence in Boston, August 2008, and is available by clicking below.

  • Credit where it's due? Attributions of responsibility and multi-level elections

Rejected ballots in 2007
This prominent feature of the elections is covered in two papers. The first, which looks in details at the voters' assessments of what went wrong, is being considered for publication but is in the meantime available here.

  • Rejected ballot papers in the 2007 Scottish Parliament election: The voters’ perspective
The second paper focuses on the possible damage done to voters' evaluation of elections, and future willingness to participate. It was presented at a conference on 'The Impact of Electoral Reform on Democratic Engagement in Scotland', Glasgow, February 2008, and is now being considered for publication. To download the current version, click below.

  • Problem elections, process evaluations, and willingness to vote: The impact of the Scottish election in 2007

Coalitions and Scottish voters
The following paper, focused on coalition preferences and split-ticket voting, was presented at the Voters, Coalitions, and Democratic Accountability conference in Exeter, October 2007, and has since been submitted for publication. To download it click on the link below.

  • Attitudes to coalitions and split-ticket voting: The Scottish Parliament elections of 2007
This paper, on Scottish voters' understanding of coalition government, was presented at the Glasgow conference on electoral reform (see above). It has been accepted for publication in Representation, but can meanwhile be downloaded by clicking below.

  • Coping with coalitions? Scottish voters under a proportional system
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