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This page is designed for teachers of Higher Modern Studies and Higher Politics, and offers resources relevant for the Study Themes of Political Parties, Electoral Systems and Electoral Behaviour. Be sure, when you read and analyze these resources, turn to editing essays online to fully understand the phenomenon and be able to present it properly. Teachers are encouraged to use the page proactively: that is, to make suggestions and requests about the kinds of things that are available here. In addition, if you develop teaching and learning resources of your own, related to Scottish elections, and you would like to share them with other teachers of the subject, we can make them available via this page. Contact us.

Files for downloading:

  • Powerpoint presentation from Modern Studies Reciprocity 2 CPD event, 30 May 2008
  • Powerpoint presentation from Modern Studies Reciprocity 1 CPD event, 31 May 2007

  • Slides on the social base of voting in 2007
  • Slides on independence and the 'Scottish question' in 2007
  • Slides on 'valence politics' and voting in 2007
  • Slides on campaigning and the media in 2007
  • Slides on turnout in 2007
  • Slides on AMS in Scotland
  • Slides on STV in Scotland
  • Slides on the rejected ballots problem in 2007
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